e GW Collection is fast becoming the number one selling cue in the US. All pool cues in the GW Collection were designed by Dave Pearson who is the World's number one pool entertainer and also a Guinness World Records holder. These cues have exceptional quality with a pricing that has never been seen before for this type of pool cue.
J. Pechauer is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and has been building custom pool cues for over 30 years. The cuemakers hand pick and process all the wood that goes into their cues themselves. Everything that goes into a J. Pechauer pool cue is among the highest quality available. Plus, every single Pechauer cue is 100% made in the USA and includes a lifetime warranty against warping and defects.
Legendary Viking Cues have redefined billiards and has refined the art of making custom pool cues over it's history of more than 50 years. 100% Made in the USA. Every Viking Cue is handcrafted from the finest materials a. All Viking Cues have a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects and WARPAGE.
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