Every J.Pechauer Custom Pool Cue is made in GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN!

J.Pechauer Custom Cues J.Pechauer

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Cue making process begins with Jerry Pechauer (J.Pechauer) himself selecting the Maple logs that make up different parts of the pool cue. They’re then cut on Pechauer’s own saw and dried in their specialized kiln before being combined and married with other exotic woods.

Parts and components, which most cue-makers purchase externally, are made in Pechauer’s own custom shop. Stainless steel joint screws and collars, brass inserts, special “CT” tim ferrules, fiber ferrules, weight screws, butt plates and inlays are all individually crafted in-house to assure Pechauer quality.

Flawlessly finished by master cue makers: A cue that bears the Pechauer signature is your assurance of superior craftsmanship and collectable quality.


Wikipedia 8-ball Winning


American-style eight-ball rules are played around the world by professionals, and in many amateur leagues. Nevertheless, the rules for eight-ball may be the most contested of any billiard game.

Any of the following results in a game being won:

  • A player legally pockets the 8 ball into a designated pocket, after all of that player’s object balls have been pocketed
  • The opposing player illegally pockets the 8 ball. (e.g., before clearing all of that player’s object balls, does so on the same shot as the last such object ball, or the 8 ball falls into a pocket other than the one that was designated)
  • [Each] opposing player knocks the 8 ball off the table
  • [When] opposing player commits any foul, including scratching the cue ball into a pocket. Or knocking it off the table, in the course of a shot that pockets the 8 ball