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    8-ball, 9-ball, Straight Pool and other Billiards games are exciting, competitive sports played by a extremely diverse group. From pool halls to bar play, billiards accessories are must-have supplies if you want to be competitive while having fun. When it comes to billiard accessories, we offer a huge selection of all the necessary supplies and then some! Whether you’re a casual pool fan, a league player, or a professional, we have the best selection of billiard accessories to fulfill your needs.

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Dave Pearson GW Cues

From the World’s #1 pool entertainer with multiple Guinness World records has endorsed and designed cues around the world. The GW Collection is a brand that is renowned for dynamic designs, high quality and customer service. GW cues are used by thousands of people all over the world.

Wikipedia has a short article about Dave Pearson

Dave Pearson is a British professional pool player.

Pearson was the runner-up in the International Speed Pool Challenge four years in a row, losing to Luc Salvas in the 2006 and 2009 finals, and to Bobby McGrath in the 2007-2008 finals.[1][2][3]

Pool gamesNine-ballEight-ball, Straight pool, Ten-ball, Blackball, Artistic pool and trick shots, Bank pool, Baseball pocket billiards, Bottle pool, Bowliards, Chicago, Chinese eight-ball, Cowboy pool, Cribbage, Cutthroat, Golf, Honolulu, Kelly pool, Killer, One-pocket, Rotation, Seven-ball, Speed pool, Three-ball, Snooker, English billiards, Russian pyramid, Kaisa, Bumper pool, Bagatelle, Bar billiards, Novuss, Carrom

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