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    8-ball, 9-ball, Straight Pool and other Billiards games are exciting, competitive sports played by a extremely diverse group. From pool halls to bar play, billiards accessories are must-have supplies if you want to be competitive while having fun. When it comes to billiard accessories, we offer a huge selection of all the necessary supplies and then some! Whether you’re a casual pool fan, a league player, or a professional, we have the best selection of billiard accessories to fulfill your needs.

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Viking products are available online today on ACbilliards.com.

THE FUTURE [of Viking]

For years to come, Viking cue will be a dominant force in high-end product innovation. In personalized customer service and meaningful user experiences. Most of all, we hope you can see the real value in these cues that can only be experienced through owning one. Remember…  Nothing Conquers a Viking.


For [them] to evolve, it required new vision. That evolution started a year later when Viking Cue reopened. The vision of Madison Area Businessman, Mark Larson, was with first priority to rehire the same craftsmen. These craftsmen were at the core of the successes over the years and would become the foundation for the company. The next step was to bring in fresh minds from different industries and disciplines to create a new company culture based on innovative thinking, integrity, and a passion for the product.

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